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[22 Apr 2005|12:38am]
[ mood | crazy ]

so, whats up with everyone? i haven't updated in awhile. last tuesday i went to the MSI show with Rose, Kim and my brother Ray.. it was the BEST show i have ever seen. then, that night Steve and Kim slept over Rose's house. we didn't get in the house til' about 2am.. by about 3:30am, i was asleep coz i was soo tired. that week went fine.. then, this week was even better.. i saw Astro! we chilled for like two days. he went home today. i was soo sad :( but, it's ok. he'll be back one day. i hope that day comes soon tho. i don't know.. but, yeah i think Tiff is coming over tomorrow.. plus, Kim will be here too. i don't know.. i'll write something later.


fuck me later

[06 Apr 2005|08:48am]
[ mood | awake ]

ok yeah, i don't like Rich anymore. he was a waste of time... i like this kid Brian, it's Sarahs' Ex.. but oh well. he likes me too! i was so happy when i heard that he did. but, he is having weird feelings about us going out. he thinks that i'm just saying that i like him to mess with him for Sarah. well, guess what i don't really care about what Sarah does. all i know is that, i really do like him and i just want him to believe me. just becoz of what Sarah and her friend did to him.. he don't wanna relationship with me, coz he knows, i know Sarah. well, i don't know. i can see where he's coming from and all. but, i'm sad about it. i even told him everything about me and if i didn't fucking like him i wouldn't have told him anything about me.. i don't know, i just feel really bad that Sarah is gonna be that way to someone sooo nice. When she says shit about him, she acts like he is bad or mean or something. but, he is really nice and awesome as shit. he's someone that i need in my life, after i had Tim as a boyfriend.. yeah i don't know what i want anymore. but, yeah anyways... i'm doing a little better then the last entry. but, i can't sleep coz i've been having really bad dreams and shit like that. but, i'm gonna go and wait for Tiff to call to tell me she's on her way here. oh and i have to go back to the shithole tomorrow. i have therapy and then, my mom wants me home to see me til' friday. ok well, i hate this shit...


oh yeah, and Brian also has me listening to fucking Atreyu, lol

fuck me later

bored like always... [28 Mar 2005|02:27am]
[ mood | obsessed ]

ok, i like a "gangsta" like ALWAYS.but, he's all nice to me and he's cool as shit.i am kinda getting obsessed...ok anyways, my weekend was great!friday i chilled with Rich,Blaise and Nell..then Nell had nowheres to go, neither did Rich..then on my way home me and mom got ina fight and all this shit...so she was like you know what don't come back into my house...so she said she called the cops me, Rich and Nell were about to go to the play-ground and stay there the whole night.but, lucky us...i called Rollo and she said that we could spend the night. so, we were gonna walk.we started to and thanks to Rich, he thought to call Blaise and we got a ride from some dude Nick (i think his name was Nick)but anyways. we got here and Bia,Rose, Steve,Tiff,Sabrina and Sarah were there.i told Rich that i liked him and he already knew lol i felt stupid. but, we were planning on some stuff and it never happened.only like two ppl know what i'm talking about lol if you're seriously my friend and you ask me. i might tell you..thats if you don't already know. but, anyways...yeah we had fun here. but, we had to leave all early the next day, coz Rich had work. we started to walk home until we bunped into Richs friend Jake and he gave Rich a ten and that how we got home..well i went home got clothes and went right back to Rose's house. then, me and rose steve sarah tiff and sabrina all went to Samanthas party and it was fun as shit...they played MSI and all. i was sooo happy.i have to tell ppl stuff but i don't wanna sound gay about it or like a poser or nothing..but yeah i'm gonna go i'll write later...


fuck me later

bored... [15 Mar 2005|09:15am]
[ mood | awake ]

bored..i haven't wrote in here for awhile. i'll just say whats been going on. i broke up with Tim for the last time on the 6th and hes trying to go out with me again. but, that ain't happening coz he's a FAGGOT...nothing new has been going on besides i got worse with my retartedness. yesterday Rose bleached my hair and i was soooo scared it was gonna fall out, but it didn't :)...now we are about to dye it blonder i hope it don't turn some gay color like jdehfh..whatever that is. ok well me and Rose are gonna go do my hair, well Rose is gonna do it not me. ok bye byes

Steph<3 muah

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watching lil Joey [10 Jan 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Rose and I are watching her lil cousin Joey at her aunt Ella's house...hes being pretty good.we went to the store with him and he was good...Thank GOD.i don't know.i haven't updated in awhile, so i figured since i'm online now. that i would update and get it over with.me rose and joey are watching "homeward bound," i saw that a million times when i was younger...i'm so bored and tired so0oi'm gonna go and try and take a little nap or something...bye<3


fuck me later

i know [10 Dec 2004|12:31am]
[ mood | awake ]

i know my new backround sucks coz its small but i cant find any crossbreed pix so ill try new time to get a good one but for now i have this one...

fuck me later

ahhh [26 Nov 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i'm at my cousins Teenas house and we are just chillen. i been going out and teena wants me to hook up with Chris which i'm prolly not gonna.i'm going home in a hour and five minutes. i can't wait to sleep in my own bed instead of sharing with Lori.Or waking up whenever i want instead of when the baby wakes me up.i'll get to call my Rollo Bear. i have a new screen name it's kinda making fun of gangstas and my nickname..it's baybeetessi...ok g2g.

fuck me later

MOW NA HOW [16 Nov 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i'm at Rollo's house for the first time in 2 months. well, just about 2 months.i missed bia,fathead,baby and shadow. ok i'm too lazy to type. ok byez

tessi madden<33

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bored [01 Nov 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | dizzy ]

i'm really freaking bored and tired and i'm wasting my life on nothing. i got the new GC cd and theres really goooooooood songs on it ok sorry i'm so gay and bored and isaiah says HI to the ppl he don't know.ok well, i have to go. just wanted to update.
love stef-stef.
well thats what the staff called me in the hospital! haha the hospital!

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[23 Oct 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | Shit ]

i know i haven't written in this for along ass time and i just wanted to say from 9-22 through 10-13-2004 i was in another mental hospital for not taking my meds. um yea and i'm dumb for that shit. i miss Rose Bree and Tiff. they are still my friends this time after me being in the hospital. so i think that was my last time going...well,i hope so.ok my moms bitching i have to go and benj i love your @$$!!!!

aka Stephanie the idiotic idiot..

oh yea yesterday i went to my lil brothers school and shit myself!!!

fuck me later

[19 Sep 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

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hah! that's FUNNY!
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[19 Sep 2004|03:32am]
i had fun today/lastnight. Me Rose Brit Bree and others went to the Skatepark and it was fun. Bree went into the pit with CJ and Ed and Rose's cousin Nikki. Bree was standing there like she was lost, and i thought it was kinda funny, onliy becoz she looked soooo fucking lost.But, it was fun. I was getting so pissed off becoz someone was just there at ALL times. ok i'm tired. bye
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[08 Sep 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Kelceys a pony!! she thinks shes cool.her and her friends think they are the shit and they aren't. hah yea i'm bored and my dick needs to be sucked coz its hourny!!! lol j/k ok, well, yea i'm going to go take a shower and yea i don't know, go to bed.


fuck me later

going crazy is what i am [01 Sep 2004|09:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

ive been crazy my whole life but its gettin worse...don't ask, im just really fucking bored and i don't feel like typing..im tryna eat my freakin corn ill say more later


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mad n happy [24 Aug 2004|12:50am]
[ mood | happy+mad ]

in really really bored im talkin to ...... right now bout somethindg stupid and yea im really gay when i talk to people that i obsess over and its pethedic(however u spell it)yea im retarted...im so gay with my livejournal...but, today i got really mad b/c b3nj came online and wasn't even sayin hi to me after i sed hi, i was pissed off...but, oh well...we all know now that hes mean like that...im getting more pissed off talking about him now...ok bye


fuck me later

[21 Aug 2004|10:19pm]
lol yea i know u know...Rollo don't tell anyone...bye
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lastnight....Crossed Show [21 Aug 2004|08:37am]
[ mood | hyper ]

last night was fun! i saw Crossed play at the Fire in N. Philly and yea....i met Alex Myko Christian and Dan and i yea...i like someone from the band and im not gonna say because yea i CAN'T and i watched him the whole time and he looked at me so i felt all special and yea i was dumb! i looked at Rose everytime he looked at me when he was on the stage and i was all dumb about it and i was gonna SHAT. Rose was gonna KILL me.But, yea i like him ALOT. i like him more then the other person i kinda like and i was soooooo happy last night.

ok bye StEPhANiE</3

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[20 Aug 2004|04:51am]
[ mood | mow ]

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mOw! [19 Aug 2004|06:14pm]
[ mood | pOOpy!! ]

im bored...im at Rollo's house and yea shes asleep and me and Bia are just sittin' waiting for her dad to get here and stuff.I was bored lastnight me and Rollo just sat and played stupid things online...well, we were haven funn lookin at hot guys in vampirefreaks.com...its was okay i guess and she re-did my LJ and i like it..its pretty, if someone has any
probelms with me likein Benj from Good Charlotte thats too bad coz thats what i like and if u dont like it thats also tooo bad, its likeyea i like him coz hes pretty and coz of how he acts...i dont sleep right anymore either....ok im gonna go coz my hand hurts like poop!


fuck me later

[19 Aug 2004|03:45am]
[ mood | fucking stupid ]


yo yo yo nucca's dis be da rollo'lea raisin da roof.


fuck me later

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